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 What is a
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Sunday Explorers at the Maritime Museum, Channel Islands
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Study Groups are the driving force of membership to Brandeis National Committee. As a paid up member of BNC you are entitled to be in as many open Study Groups as you would like. We currently have 110 functioning Study Groups.

The Bulletin/Newsletter and the Study Group Openings page have a list of Open Study Groups. The Bulletin will also have an application form to use for each Study Group you are interested in – the cost is $18.00 a year for each study group, paid to the study group leader. The application forms are to be sent to the Vice President of Study Groups listed on the application.


As each request form is received, the Study Group vice president will check to make sure the Group is still open. If it is, both you and the leader of the Group will be notified. You will then be contacted by the Study Group leader who will give you the information as to the next meeting location and date.

As a member of a Study Group, you have a responsibility to attend on a regular basis. Our By-Laws stipulate that after missing three (3) meetings the leader may ask you to leave and make room for others. It is also imperative that you RSVP each month to the person who will be hosting the meeting.

Study Group Leaders
Study Group Leaders

Study Groups are a wonderful way to meet new people and to have fun going out on the town, discussing movies, sports, or operas or to partake in many other interesting and diverse activities.

A Study Group has 5 or more members
who share an interest in local culture
or a particular activity such as literature,
films, current events, etc. Groups meet
monthly. The list of Open Study Groups will
give you an idea of the activities.