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The Brandeis National Committee initiated the Student Ambassadors program in an effort to connect its chapters with Brandeis students. Understanding the unique mission of the BNC, these students have become extraordinary ambassadors in bringing their on-campus experiences to BNC members.

For BNC chapters and members, the program offers short presentations by Brandeis students as a special part of a BNC program. In their presentations, students discuss their courses of study, interactions with faculty, research, or internships, extra-curricular activities, and overall experiences at Brandeis. The presentations convey the students' passion for Brandeis, present some elements of their life stories, and create a picture of a unique Brandeis experience.

For the students, becoming ambassadors offers an opportunity to share with dedicated Brandeis supporters their research, as well as experiences and perspectives of an institution that has afforded them great opportunities to learn and to prepare them for the future.  

We are awaiting a Student Ambassador.